What Is A Double Eagle In Golf? Golfing Terms Explained

Do you find yourself wondering what is a double eagle in golf? Are you searching for an easy and concise explanation to understand this important term used by avid golfers everyday? If so, then your search ends here! In this article, we will be exploring the meaning of a double eagle and how it differs from other terms used amongst professional golfers. With our helpful insight, you’ll soon become as familiar with this topic as any well-seasoned player.

What is a double eagle in golf?

A double eagle is a score achieved by a golfer in one hole of 2 strokes below what par for the hole requires. This means that a player has scored 3 under par on an individual hole. For example, if the par for a particular golf course’s hole is 5, then a double eagle would be recorded as -3 (three shots under par). This is an exceptionally rare achievement and hence, is rewarded and widely celebrated amongst golfing communities.

What is a double eagle in golf?
What is a double eagle in golf?

Differentiating from other terms used in golf, a double eagle should not be confused with an albatross or a hole-in-one which are both extremely impressive achievements but require different conditions to occur.

An albatross is a score of 3 under par on a hole (just like a double eagle) but requires three strokes to be taken. Meanwhile, a hole-in-one requires the player to sink their ball in the cup with only one stroke.

The history of the double eagle

The term ‘double eagle’ was first coined in 1930 when American golfer Gene Sarazen achieved what is considered to be the greatest shot in golf history. On the 15th hole of the Florida Masters tournament, he made a double eagle (or what many spectators deem an unforgettable albatross).

This shot caused such uproar and fascination that it resulted in the term being adopted by golfing communities globally and has been used ever since.

Benefits and drawbacks of playing a double eagle

The double eagle is a highly coveted score amongst golfers and can be incredibly rewarding. Not only does it bring recognition for the player, but it can also add confidence to their game as they know what they are capable of achieving. On top of this, achieving a double eagle may allow players to compete in more prestigious tournaments or even lead them to success in their professional golfing career.

Benefits and drawbacks of playing a double eagle
Benefits and drawbacks of playing a double eagle

However, the double eagle can also prove to be somewhat of a disadvantage for players too. As it is such an impressive feat that requires a great deal of skill and experience, many find themselves striving to achieve this score in every game they play which can be incredibly taxing mentally as well as physically.

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How often does a double eagle occur?

A double eagle is an extremely rare achievement amongst even the most seasoned and professional golfers, with only a select few players in history having ever achieved what Gene Sarazen did.

In more recent times, during the 2019 PGA Championship Tiger Woods was awarded what could have been his first double eagle on the fifth hole of Bellerive Country Club, however a rules violation meant that the double eagle could not stand and he was instead awarded a birdie. The next time you hear someone talking about what is a double eagle in golf, we hope that you can now proudly join in.

How often does a double eagle occur?
How often does a double eagle occur?

The rules of a double eagle

Although a double eagle is an incredibly rare feat to achieve, it is still governed by the same rules of golf that any other shot must abide by. This means that players are prohibited from using more than 14 clubs in their bags and that all hazards on the course must be observed.

Furthermore, any shots taken over water must be played from the drop zone and all shots taken must be within what is deemed as ‘the rules of golf’. This means that any illegal moves or infringements on these rules may result in a strike against the golfer and a reduction in their score.

How to play a double eagle successfully?

Although double eagles are very difficult to achieve and require immense skill, knowledge and luck, there are certain strategies that golfers can use to increase their chances of making one.

Firstly, mastering the distance control with a variety of shots is key as it will allow you to accurately judge what length your shot needs to be when approaching the green. Secondly, developing a reliable mental game is essential as this can help you stay focused, confident and in control of your emotional state when playing on the course. Finally, having a thorough understanding of golf course layout and conditions is critical in making sure that you are fully prepared for what lies ahead.

How to play a double eagle successfully?
How to play a double eagle successfully?

Practices for increasing your chances of making a double eagle

Although achieving a double eagle is no easy task, there are certain practices that golfers can use to increase their chances of making this elusive score. Firstly, it is important to have a solid understanding of the course conditions as this will allow you to pick the right club for each shot and accurately judge what length it needs to be.

Secondly, developing a reliable mental game is essential as this can help you stay focussed, confident and in control of your emotions when playing. Finally, practicing distance control with a variety of shots will also increase your chances of successfully pulling off what could be your first double eagle.

How to keep score when making a double eagle?

The double eagle is an impressive achievement and what better way to keep track of it than with a scorecard. After each hole is played, the players should mark down the number of strokes they took to get the ball in the hole. In this case, since a double eagle has been achieved, there should be a ‘2’ marked down next to the hole.

This then allows players to keep track of what they have achieved throughout their rounds and can be a great motivator for those seeking to improve their scores. Keeping score when playing golf is also an important part of the game as it helps to identify areas where improvement is needed and what strategies are working best on any given course.

How to keep score when making a double eagle?
How to keep score when making a double eagle?

Examples of famous double eagles in golf

After know what is a double eagle in golf, let’s look at some famous examples of when this score has been achieved. Some of the most famous and memorable double eagles in golf history are undoubtedly those achieved by Gene Sarazen, Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, Phil Mickelson and Jack Nicklaus.

  • Arnold Palmer’s double eagle at the 1960 US Open is considered to be one of his greatest shots ever. He hit a 4-wood from 235 yards, which went straight into the cup for what was a remarkable 2 on the par five.
  • Phil Mickelson achieved a memorable double eagle during the 2002 US Open at Bethpage Black, finally winning his first major championship after many close calls.
  • Finally, Jack Nicklaus is one of only three golfers to have ever achieved two double eagles in their career, with the most famous being his albatross at the 1975 Masters tournament.

Tips for increasing your chances at getting a double eagle

• Always warm up before playing. This ensures your muscles are ready for the dynamic motion of a golf swing and can help you hit longer, straighter shots more consistently.

• Practice visualization as this can help you visualize what kind of shot you want to make and what type of results you expect from it.

• Aim high with your first shot and make sure you have a clear strategy for what kind of shot you want to hit.

• Make sure to read the conditions of the course so that you can adjust accordingly.

• Stay focused, confident and in control at all times.

How to react when you make a double eagle?

Making a double eagle is an amazing accomplishment and should be celebrated accordingly! For instance, you could high-five your playing partners, share a smile with the gallery or even give yourself a pat on the back.

Additionally, it could be a great idea to take a mental note of what worked so that you can replicate what led to this success in the future. Finally, it may be worth writing down what you did in a scorecard or golf journal so that you can remember it for years to come.

How to react when you make a double eagle?
How to react when you make a double eagle?

Conclusion: What is a double eagle in golf

We hope this article has provided a comprehensive answer to what is a double eagle in golf. By understanding what it is and how to score it, as well as picking up some tips and tricks on improving your chances at executing one, you can be sure of becoming a better golfer. So the next time you’re out on the course, keep your eyes peeled for that chance at a double eagle! Good luck and happy golfing.

FAQs Double eagle in golf

How rare is a double eagle in golf?

The chances of scoring an elusive double eagle in golf are astronomically small – many believe that it’s one thousand times harder to ace than to make a two-shot hole-in-one! Despite this, around 40,000 U.S. players experience the joys of making a single eagle each year; compared with only 200 lucky enough to hit the incredible double eagles jackpot.

Is an albatross the same as a double eagle?

Achieving a double eagle is the golfing equivalent of hitting the jackpot! To get there, your next shot must be even better than an “Eagle” – two under par on a single hole. This can either mean planting that second ball for another birdie or scoring an ultimate one-stroke wonder with a ‘hole in one’ on any given par 4.

Why do they call it a double eagle?

Two years after the United States Mint opened, gold coins took flight with the introduction of $10 Eagles. Later on, in 1849 they were joined by their valuable counterpart: Double Eagles worth twice as much! Since then these two precious pieces have long been sought-after reminders of America’s early days and its ongoing commitment to coinage excellence.

Has Tiger Woods ever had a double eagle?

Tiger Woods’s quest for an albatross on TOUR has been not fulfilled as of yet, but his closest call came in 2015 at the Waste Management Phoenix Open which was ultimately won by Brooks Koepka. Even without a double-eagle to his name, Tiger remains one of the greatest golfers alive and we eagerly anticipate witnessing him hit that coveted birdie three.

Is a double eagle worth more than two birdies?

With enough skill, you can cut your score in half! A double-eagle will save you three shots and give you the boost of a lifetime – putting yourself far ahead of the competition. It could be just what’s needed to win it all.

What’s better than a double eagle?

With one swift motion, the eagle soars across a hole in two strokes below par; yet on the opposite end of ace-itude lies its counterpart – an unlikely but possible occurrence resulting from a triple bogey. More grandiose still is achieving glory with every golfer’s dream: earning bragging rights through making what can only be described as an “albatross” (also known as 3 under par).

Can a double eagle be achieved in stroke play?

For golfers looking to take their game up a notch, achieving a double eagle is within reach. With two less shots than the par for each hole, you can make it happen – but be warned! It’s no easy feat and requires dedication on your end; practice in advance and familiarize yourself with the course before taking this challenge head-on.

Is a double eagle worth more points in match play?

Match-play golf offers an extra incentive for the ambitious golfer – a greater reward when sinking a double-eagle. This has led to many avid players attempting dramatic shots from afar in pursuit of this challenging and satisfying achievement.

How many double eagles in PGA history?

Ever since the legendary Tom Morris, Jr. achieved his famous win at the Open in 1870, an awe-inspiring total of 872 aces have been made on the course – 437 by amateurs and 435 by professionals.

Does a double eagle have an official name?

Golfers everywhere hail the remarkable feat of a Double Eagle – otherwise known as an Albatross. This extraordinary shot, officially recognized by the USGA and scored at 3-under par, has been seen in some truly legendary matches throughout golfing history. Making one is no easy task but any golfer lucky enough to experience it will forever remember its special recognition.

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