How Long Is A Golf Cart? | The Best Definitive Guide

Do you ever get frustrated while playing a round of golf when your clubs feel heavier than usual and the course seems like it’s stretching on forever? Well, don’t despair because there is an easy solution: rent or buy a golf cart. But how long is a golf cart? Is it just enough for a 4-person team, or are you better off investing in something longer to accommodate all your gear and bags? In this blog post, we’ll discuss all the details you need to know about golf cart lengths so that you can pick out one best suited for your needs. We’ll also discuss why they’re such an important part of every golfer’s game plan for success.

Golf Cart Dimensions Basics

When it comes to golf carts, there are various sizes and dimensions available on the market. The most common type is a 4-person golf cart, which has an average length of about 8 feet. This is typically enough space for four golfers to comfortably sit and store their clubs and bags. But as golfing enthusiasts know, playing the game requires much more than just clubs and bags. There are also added accessories, such as coolers, towels, and umbrellas, which can take up additional space in the cart. This is where knowing the dimensions of a golf cart comes in handy.

How Does A Golf Cart Work?

Well, it’s actually quite similar to a regular car. Just like an automobile, a gas golf cart has a small gas engine with cylinders. Usually, there are four cylinders that each have a piston. These pistons connect to a flywheel and clutch. And get this, when you press or let go of the gas pedal, it controls the speed.

Why Is It Important To Know Your Golf Cart Dimensions?

Before bringing home your new golf cart, it’s crucial to know the dimensions. Double-checking the measurements of both your cart and truck bed will save you from any transportation troubles.

What Are The Average Golf Cart Dimensions?

As mentioned earlier, the average length of a 4-person golf cart is around 8 feet. The width can vary from around 4 to 5 feet, depending on the model and manufacturer. Additionally, the height of a standard golf cart is usually between 6 to 7 feet, making it easy for most people to comfortably get in and out. For those looking for a larger golf cart, the 6-person cart is also popular, with an average length of about 11 feet. This extra length provides ample space for additional accessories and can comfortably accommodate six people.

How Long Is A Golf Cart?

How Long Is A Golf Cart?

There are also longer golf carts available on the market, such as the 8-person cart with an average length of about 14 feet. These types of carts are perfect for larger groups or families playing together. It’s important to note that these dimensions can vary depending on the make and model of the golf cart.

How Wide Is A Golf Cart?

In addition to length, another important dimension to consider is the width of a golf cart. As mentioned earlier, the average width of a 4-person golf cart ranges from 4 to 5 feet. However, there are also narrower options available for those who need to navigate through tight spaces on the course. For example, some compact electric carts have widths as narrow as 3 feet, making it easier to maneuver through narrow paths or crowded areas.

How Tall Is A Golf Cart?

Well, the typical dimensions of a golf cart are 4 feet wide by 8 feet long by 5.5 feet high. That’s the size you’ll usually find when shopping for a smaller golf cart. But if you’re looking for something a bit more spacious to fit up to six people, the dimensions bump up to 4 feet wide by 11.5 feet long, and still 5.5 feet tall.

How Much Do Golf Carts Weigh?

Well, on average, they weigh between 800 and 1100 pounds. But here’s the catch – the weight can actually change depending on a few different things.

What Impacts The Dimensions Of A Golf Cart?

There are several factors that can impact the dimensions of a golf cart, such as seating capacity, added accessories, and motor type. For example, gas-powered carts tend to be larger than electric ones. Additionally, customized or modified golf carts may have different dimensions from standard models.

Where Will Your Golf Cart Fit While Stored?

Where Will Your Golf Cart Fit While Stored?

You could keep it in your garage, but that might take up valuable parking or storage space. Another option is renting a storage unit, but you’ll need to make sure it’s big enough for your cart. In general, a 10×10 drive-up storage unit should do the trick for most carts.

Tips For Choosing The Right Size Of Golf Cart For You

Want to find the ideal golf cart but not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Let’s talk about the importance of wheel size.

First things first, take a moment to measure the space you have available for your golf cart. This step is especially crucial if you have a smaller cart or plan on using it in tight spots. A trusty tape measure will do the trick.

Now, let’s consider the terrain. If you’ll be cruising on hilly courses, bigger wheels might be your best bet. They offer better traction and stability, so you can conquer those slopes with ease.

But hold on, there’s more to think about. Along with wheel size, make sure you consider towing capacity, top speed, and extra storage space for your golf bags or buddies. Some carts even come with fancy cup holders and heavy-duty frames for added durability.

And here’s a hot tip: if you’re eco-conscious, electric carts are all the rage. They’re a great way to reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying your game.

With a wide range of options out there, be sure to double-check the specs and read some reviews. You’ll want to make sure you’re selecting the perfect cart that suits your needs.

So, get out there, measure up, and find the golf cart that’s just right for you.

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  1. I’m in the market for a used golf cart…what should I know before I buy?

  2. The most important things are good batteries and tires. You can have a 10 year old cart with brand new, high quality batteries and tires and it will be just as nice as this years model. I think anything that looks nice to you and has high quality b/t for under 3k is a good deal.

  3. I own my own cart and live in the neighborhood where my course is and it’s Great. I’d say if you’re having to trailer the thing over and load/unload each time that would be a pain in the ass. Also worth noting you’d need to make sure they’ll let you take it on the course for instance at my club we pay a yearly “trail fee” and have our cart insurance on file. To your maintenance point if you get a good relatively newer cart it’s really not much besides watering the batteries. I had to get new batteries and I switched to lithium and I’d recommend you do the same it’s maintenance free and awesome. I mainly check to make sure my lug nuts are still tight once a year and have done nothing else in 5 years of ownership.

  4. Well it can’t go too fast, there’s no protection what so ever, you can haul much of anything in it so to answer your question no it wouldn’t really be useful.

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